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Are you looking for a driving instructor?   Are unhappy with your current driving instructor  and craving for more positive and effective learning? Remember  the quality of your  tuition is an important factor to successfully pass your driving test.
ADI vs. PDI – Is your Driving Instructor  Fully Qualified?   ADI is an Approved Driving Instructor. This qualification means a person has passed exams to be a Professional Driving Instructor and is registered with the Driving Standards Agency (DSA).
PDI stands for Potential Driving Instructor. They are licensed instructors under training who are allowed by the DSA to provide training for payment.  PDI are often employed by large national companies.
In my opinion, the only advantage to hiring a PDI instructor, is that the price of the lesson should be cheaper. However, this may well prove to be a false economy and driving lesson rate anound nelson and blackburn test centres are much lower than other cities. Currently, the DSA is considering banning PDIs from being able to provide driving lessons for payment. So, should you choose a PDI over an ADI?
The Cost of A Driving Lesson
The majority of learners start shopping for driving lessons with this question in mind. This approach actually turns your shopping into looking for the cheapest option. But if you want to find a good driving instructor, that option would not suit you at all. You should run away from two extremes – over-priced driving lessons and under- priced “special offers”.
The prices charged for lessons can differ widely.  The average across the country is around £22 per hour driving lesson. If the price is cheaper make sure you ask whether the instructor giving the driving lesson is fully qualified. They may not be, hence the low price of the lessons.
Cheap Driving Lessons
Don't be fooled by overly cheap driving lessons. Some driving schools may offer cheap introductory offers such as ten hours driving tuition for £100. These prices don't always add up. Remember cheap in, expensive out. They pull you in with a cheap deal but then you find yourself advised to have more tuition, at the standard rate, than you actually need. All driving schools need to make a profit. You won't get something for nothing.
Quality over quantity. 30 hours of lessons at £20 an hour is cheaper than 50 hours of lessons at £10 per hour. Remember driving instructors have to earn a reasonable living, they have to pay the bills. If an instructor told you you needed several more lessons before you were likely to pass your test would you take their advice? You probably would, but what if the real motive was to compensate for the cheap lesson prices?
Pass Guarantee: There is no such thing as pass guarantee. However, it is wise to ask your potential driving instructor about his or her driving test pass rate. Of course, you have no way of checking whether quoted pass rate is true. Yet, it is a good way of spotting a driving instructor who makes unreliable statements. The national driving test pass rate is 30%. So if your driving instructor is able to provide anything near this figure, you are in good hands.
There are 4 basic thing to consider qualification, driving lesson cost, pass rate, instructors grade and how your personal  feel is crucial.
Sample Questions To Ask before deciding

What is your grade?
How long have you been a driving instructor?
Have you had any previous teaching or coaching roles?
What type of structured learning programme would you follow?
Will you help me plan a programme of private practice?
Is there discount for Block booking  / student ?
What is your pass rate?
Do you offer Door to door service ?
Do you give Full hour driving  lesson ?
Do you give One to one tuition - just pupil and driving instructor in the car during the lesson? No other pupil in the back watching.
Do you charge for use of the car during the driving test and if so, how much?
Do you  offer free theory test tuition?
What is your charge for  standard one hour lesson price?
Reasons To Fire Your Driving Instructor:  Getting your driving license is not an easy ride. To pass it successfully, you will need to find an approved driving instructor (ADI), and a good one at that. And this is where you need to  be careful about your choice.
Finding an ADI is as easy as pie today. You can simply look into your local paper or surf the web. So you phone around until you think you’ve met a suitable fellow.  Nice chat on the phone doesn’t necessarily mean the guy on the other end is as good at teaching as he is at selling.
Listed below are five main reasons why you should sack that nice guy before you lose your money and hope to pass your driving test successfully.
Quick Tempered  : Is your ADI shouting at you?  Does he lose his temper every time you make a minor mistake? If so, don’t be frustrated with yourself. You pay for being trained, and training includes making mistakes. Shouting teacher has never been a good one. You are not going to pay for being shouted at, are you?

Not Enough Driving : How much driving is enough? Don’t expect you get under the wheel right away. At your first lessons, you are going to drive for about half of your lesson time. By approximately hour ten you should be driving all lesson long. If somehow you drive less than that, you are not getting value for your money.
No Feedback : Good ADI always keeps track of his learner’s progress. Getting feedback is crucial for learners so they can get an idea of how well they are doing and what are their weaknesses. It is also crucial for ADI because this helps him focus on a learner’s problems instead of simply completing lesson plans.
Mobile Phone Chatter : If your ADI keeps chatting on that mobile phone all the time, just run away. You are charged an hourly rate so his mobile phone use robs you out of time you pay for. In addition, it interrupts and interferes with learning process, let alone takes your attention off the road.
Taxi, Service : Once you drove your ADI to a shopping centre or a bank. But then you start getting this uncomfortable feeling your ADI is using driving lessons to go about his business. You are doing the driving all right, but as your teacher does his shopping, the paid time is ticking away.