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Driving Lessons for Learners

Driving lessons are normally for a minimum of 1 hour but the pupil can decide to take 1½, 2 hour driving lessons etc. if it suites them or wish to get to driving test standard quicker.

The Driving Lesson will begin by instructor asking what was covered in last driving lesson and how much of that student can remember . The instructor will have  planned todays lesson and a route relative to the pupils experience and will state todays lessons plan and objectives. 

Through out driving lesson the instructorwill monitor the learner, the road and other vehicles very carefully.  The car will have dual controls so that the driving instructor can stop if necessary.

Subjects covered  will include:

  • Controls of the car.

  •  Moving off & stopping safely.

  •  Angled / uphill / downhill start.

  •  Turning left & right from major to minor roads.

  •  Emerging at T Junctions.

  •  Crossroads.

  •  Roundabouts.

  •  Pedestrian crossings.

  •  Meet, cross & overtake other traffic.

  •  Turn in the road.

  •  Left hand reverse.

  •  Reverse park.

  • Bay Parking

  •  Emergency stop.

  • Mock Test

  •  Show Me / Tell Me.

The subjects will not necessarily be covered in that exact order as much will depend on the  pupils needs.  Also, the lesson plan could change during the lesson if , the pupil is experiencing difficulty in a particular area then the lesson may be diverted to concentrate on that.

Additionally, driving skills such as clutch control, steering, use of mirrors, road positioning, speed and anticipation will be taught and assessed.

You will also be given tuition and practice on town driving, rural driving & dual carriageway driving.

Knowledge of the Highway Code will also be taught and tested during the driving lessons. When the pupil is ready for the test, they will be asked to apply for driving test date.