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Mock Tests



Theory Test Preparation and Mock Test :  There are many sources of information for you to     

               study towards your theory test so only few are listed below. If you need  further help and advice  discuss with your Driving Instructor,

·         High way code available from most newsagents and post offices. It only cost about £1.50 , its easy to read and understand. If there is anything that need explanation or clarification, contact your driving instructor.

·         Hand out from afzal school of motoring are designed to improved your knowledge and understanding of the driving. Home work is often given to consolidate knowledge and understanding of various driving topics. 

·         Theory Test CDs available from DSA, Tesco and many others. 


The driving student is encouraged to discuss driving topics with friends and family and work colleagues. If any question that is not understood or further clarification is required than students can emails this or raise at next driving lesson and i will find the correct answer to your questions. 


Mock TheoryTestDSA offer on line mock test free of charge. There are  2 tests available. Use  following links to test if you ready to take the test.


                      Car Theory Test one


                      Car Theory Test two



Mock Driving Test: Generally speaking Mock Test are a snap shot of your driving record at a given time only. So Your Driving Instructor is better positioned to know your driving ability, mock test are generally useful and can boost your  confidence knowing the fact that your driving standard should lead you to pass your driving test. So once you have reached a driving test standard you would be offered a mock test and if you prefer we can arrange mock test with different driving Instructor.