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How To Drive On A Motorway

Remember you are not allowed to drive on motorway as a learner driver.

For newly qualified drivers, the thought of driving on a motorway can cause anxiety and fear. However motorways are the safest roads in Britain and are best way of covering long distances quickly. The following guide will assist you to join motorway and drive safely on it.

You join a motorway by using a slip road, the procedure for which is the same as for when joining a dual carriageway. The main points to remember are:

  • Adjust your speed to match that of the traffic already on the motorway
  • Indicate to show your intention to join the motorway & take position on right side of your lane
  • Remember to give priority to traffic already on the motorway
  • Join where there's a suitable gap in the left-hand lane on the Motorway
  • Always use the MSM/PSL routine
  • Do not force your way into the traffic stream, its dangerous.
  • Do not drive along the hard shoulder.

You may need to look over your right shoulder to verify the position of other vehicles. Try to avoid stopping at the end of the slip road unless queuing to join other slow-moving traffic.

Once on the motorway, keep to the left-hand lane until you've had time to assess and adjust to the speed of the traffic already on the motorway.

Few slip roads continue as a dedicated lanes, so you will not have to join the motorway as described above. Signs and road markings will indicate if this is the case.