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                                     Pass Plus      

The Pass Plus course is aimed at new drivers to become better drivers. The course is designed by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) with the help of insurers and the driving instruction industry.

The Pass Plus course builds on your skills and knowledge. Pass Plus aims to improve your anticipation, plannning for and dealing with all kinds of hazards. Pass Plus will also help you become a more confident driver.

You can take a Pass Plus course at any time, but it’s mainly aimed at new drivers in the first year after passing their test.


Pass Plus will ALSO give you substantial discount for your car insurance. 

 Course modules

Pass Plus consists of six modules about driving in different driving conditions, and there is no examination at the end of the course.

Town Driving.

Observation -Achieve satisfactory display of awareness and observations in all likely actions of other road users, including eye contact, Progressive driving, Good road position, Early observation, Environmental issues, Visual scanning techniques and dealing with emergency vehicles.  

Consideration -Also approach satisfactorly when dealing with pedestrians in general and at pedestrians crossings. While giving due consideration to young, elderly, cyclist, motorcyclists, moped riders, at perestrian crossing and at schools and colleges.

Spatial Awareness - Demonstrate good awareness and reactions to stationary vehicles, covering, adequate clearance, safe and stopping and following distance, forward planning, awareness and planning of other road users, awareness of bus stops,  bus lanes, cylcles lanes and good road positions.

Urban Road features - Satisfactory performance in dealing with, majority of road marking, junction layouts, and traffic signs, including multi lane junctions,Unusual roundabouts, bus and cycle lanes, Under and over passes,road marking. 


All-weather Driving  -

See and be seen - Clean windscreen and windows, importance of wipers and washers, windscreen demisters, heated windows, fog lights front and rear, use of lights as appropriate in rain, sleet, snow,fog,bright, low sun, wet or oily roads, shadows and effects.

Skidding & avoidance - All aspects of drivers health, Road conditions and road surfaces, aquaplaning, Skid prevention, skid correction, slow speed skids, Use of control and Streering, Tyre tread and pressure,, vehicle footpring, effective braking / cadence, Use of ABS.



    Rural Roads


    at night


     Dual carriageways


      on motorways


    Pass Plus modules

    On successfully completing your Pass Plus training successfully, you'll be sent your Pass Plus certificate to claim your discount on your car insurance policy.